Honeyworld.ae website is operated by Minar Enterprises.

Minar Enterprises is a third generation ship chandling company founded by T S Ali in India. The company is currently run by his son & grandsons. Dealing only with quality products, we have earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of ship owners. We have established our Overseas operation in UAE in 2010. Minar Enterprises provides everything required to run, service and support your vessel and it’s crew; at affordable prices, and on time. As part of the diversification and expansion , Minar enterprises has come up with the e commerce portal www.honeyworld.ae

Projections from the market are showing rapid worldwide eCommerce growth through the recent years .In choosing a business model, it’s always important to examine trends and to move into growth markets whenever possible. The stats back up the notion that the eCommerce model is a good choice for entrepreneurs who are interested in diversifying and expanding.