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Stingless Bee Honey 250g

Authentic Indian Stingless bee honey sourced from tropical and subtropical regions around Kerala. The very intelligent Stingless bees selectively pick nectar from flowers that contain a high amount of medicinal properties, resulting in the honey containing those properties.

Ginger Honey 500g

A healthy blend of authentic Kerala Honey and Ginger bits/slices. An immunity building concoction that helps improve immunity and may relieve cough and throat pain. Pure honey being a natural preservative retains the fresh flavours of ginger, giving you a healthy yet flavourful experience.

Shimla Sidr Honey 500g

Authentic monofloral Sidr Honey sourced from the hills of Shimla, known across the world for its distinctive taste and wide range of health benefits. The Shimla Sidr Honey originates from the Sidr trees found along the hills of Shimla. Sidr Honey is a dark coloured, thick honey, and has a rich flavour with floral notes. The natural aroma of this honey traces back to the fresh fragrance of flowers from the Sidr trees.

Kids Honey 500g

The Kids Honey is a unique blend of authentic Stingless Bee Honey and Kerala Honey. This blend is created to make for a milder version of the very nutritious Stingless bee honey, making it more suitable for kids to consume. The mix of the sweet Kerala Honey and the tangy notes from the Stingless bee honey creates balanced flavour for the palate of young children. A spoonful of honey consumed regularly can prove to be a very healthy habit.