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Fewster’s Farm Organic Jarrah Honey TA30 – 250g

Improve your health in the most delicious way possible! There are many benefits of Jarrah honey, all often used to treat diabetes, acne and other diseases.

Get A Good Health With Jarrah Honey Dubai, Abudhabi

Though there are many types of honey, Jarrah honey is considered as special honey since they are obtained from the nectar of Jarrah tree flowers. The Jarrah tree is also known as the Eucalyptus Marginata tree. This honey is well-known for its healing properties. This is the rarest type of honey since the Jarrah tree only has one flowering season once every two years. But you can buy Jarrah honey online at Honey World easily.

Though almost all the honey has antimicrobial property, the Jarrah honey Dubai, Abudhabi has the highest level of antimicrobial properties among all other honey types. The antimicrobial property from the Jarrah honey is obtained by the high content of hydrogen peroxide in it which doesn’t influence the taste of the honey.

Health benefits of Jarrah honey Dubai, Abudhabi:

It is believed that Jarrah honey Dubai, Abudhabi has higher health benefits when compared to other common honey types. It is generally suggested that the activity within the honey is responsible for the health benefits of this Jarrah honey. It is said that the antimicrobial activity within the Jarrah honey comes from the natural enzymes within the honey.

When you buy Jarrah honey online at Honey World, know that you have an ingredient which has higher anti-microbial property in it. The higher level of hydrogen peroxide in the Jarrah honey will inhibit the growth of the bacteria and make it suitable to treat any wounds and burns. The important health benefits of Jarrah honey are:

  • Higher anti-microbial property – The Jarrah honey is generally measured for its Total activity which means it deserves the super honey status. It is important to remember that not all the honey types have the same amount of anti-microbial property as of Jarrah honey. Hence it is considered as superpower honey. It can be used to treat various types of skin infections and wounds. It also helps with sore throats and cough.
  • Low glucose and high fructose content – The Jarrah honey contains less amount of glucose which will be easily absorbed by the body. The higher fructose content makes it perfect to be used as the energy source since the fructose will be absorbed slowly and evenly. Also, the Jarrah honey has a glower Glycaemic Index (GI) than the other honey types.
  • Aids in stomach health – This honey helps in maintaining good stomach health. The higher amount of Butyric acid, pre-biotics and pro-biotics make it the best substance which lowers the risk of colon cancer and maintains good stomach health. It also helps in curing all kinds of stomach issues.

Thus, if you are looking for a natural way to treat various health conditions then grab your Jarrah honey Dubai, Abudhabi from Honey World and lead a healthy life.