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Shimla Sidr Honey 500g

Authentic monofloral Sidr Honey sourced from the hills of Shimla, known across the world for its distinctive taste and wide range of health benefits. The Shimla Sidr Honey originates from the Sidr trees found along the hills of Shimla. Sidr Honey is a dark coloured, thick honey, and has a rich flavour with floral notes. The natural aroma of this honey traces back to the fresh fragrance of flowers from the Sidr trees.

Sidr Honey Dubai, UAE – A Natural Cure For All

For thousands of years, honey has been considered as a healthy medicinal alternative by holistic practitioners. Especially, Sidr honey offers the most surprising health benefits on the human body. More types of honey are available in the market for its remarkable healing properties. Yemen Sidr honey is one of the greatest honey in the world. It is highly in demand because of its unique taste and various health benefits. Even though Sidr honey is used for centuries, the demand for the Sidr honey has been increased in the past few years.

That is why we at Honey World provide the premium quality honey which can be used for treating various health issues. The high-quality Sidr honey Dubai, UAE is well-known for its antibacterial and antibiotic properties. You can easily buy Sidr honey online at our site and get it delivered to your place so that you can use it regularly to maintain a healthy life.

Surprising benefits of Sidr honey Dubai, UAE:

Yemen Sidr honey is serviced from the nectar of the flowers from the Sidr Lote Tree which has different names in different countries. The Sidr trees historically are well-known for its natural medicine remedy and are also considered as sacred in some religions. It is generally said the fruits, dates and figs from the Sidr tree have a high value of energy.  The Sidr honey comes from the bees that feed only on the nectar of the wild Sidr tree. The quality of our Sidr honey Dubai, UAE will be so good and you will taste one of the best honey in the world.

Since this honey is harvested rarely, it is considered as the finest honey you can get. Since Sidr honey is completely known as sacred and has been used as the natural medicines for many centuries, the Sidr honey is a rare type of honey. But we help you buy Sidr honey online which is high in quality. The health benefits of Sidr honey include:

  • This honey cures sinus infections with its antibacterial properties.
  • With regular use, it aids digestive issues. It prevents acid reflux, soothes the stomach and heals ulcers.
  • Sidr honey is rich in antioxidants which fights free radicals. This will also act as an immunity booster for all.
  • It also cures all kinds of skin issues since it is a rich source of antioxidants. Its antibiotic nature cures skin issues like infections, sun damage, acne and signs of ageing.
  • The anti-inflammatory nature of the honey helps in soothing problems and insect bites. The Sidr honey consists of phytochemicals which have strong anti-inflammatory properties which make this honey superior to all kind of honey.

At Honey World, you can get the highest grade of Sidr honey Dubai, UAE which is the best way to improve your health conditions and maintain good health.