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Traditional Uses And Health Benefits Of Sidr Honey

Traditional Uses And Health Benefits Of Sidr Honey

Honey is always been the very popular ingredient used and it would be found in almost everyone’s kitchen nowadays. We usually think that all the honey available in the market are same and has the same medicinal properties. But there are many types of honey available in the market which most of us have failed to notice. Among all the types of honey, the Yemeni Sidr honey is the most popular and discussed topic. Most of them know that Sidr honey is special but does not know what makes it special.

This honey is special since it has high levels of antioxidants and anti-microbial properties. Also, it is one of the rarely harvested honey since its harvesting happens only once or twice in a year when the Sidr flowers bloom. But the demand for this Sidr honey is increasing day by day. It is said that the flavor of Sidr honey, as well as its density and colour, may vary depending upon the region from which it originates from. It is usually thick honey which has a rich, lavish and sweet taste.

Heath benefits of Sidr honey:

  1. Treat skin diseases – Our ancestors widely used the Yemini Sidr honey as a great cure for all kinds of skin issues. Since it is a rich source of antioxidants, it makes the skin healthier when applied topically. Also, the antibiotic properties of the honey will help in alleviate problems such as skin infections, acne, signs of ageing and sun damage. It will also conditioning and hydrating dry skin and scalp.
  2. Treat infections – The Sidr honey has anti-microbial properties when eaten and applied on the skin. This will help in preventing the formation of infections on the wounds and injuries. The anti-bacterial properties will also help in fighting the bacteria that cause sinus infections and other yeast infections.
  3. Soothes inflammation – The anti-inflammatory nature of the Sidr honey help in soothing the problems such as stomach ulcers and insect bites. Since honey has the phytochemicals that have the strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it more superior to all other kinds of honey.
  4. Alleviated digestive problems – Sidr honey has the probiotic properties and is also good for gut health, in keeping the digestive tract healthy and strong. This natural source of probiotics can be easily included in the daily diet and will help in treating any type of digestive issues and upper intestine problems.
  5. Immunity booster – Sidr honey is rich in antioxidants which helps in increasing the immunity of the body. When you take the honey daily you will realize that your immunity power in the body is increased.

There are many other health benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey other than the above-discussed ones. At Honey World, we believe in providing the highest grade of Sidr honey for you at affordable. If you wish to make improve your health or cure any health issues just use the Sidr honey daily in your diet.

Note: The above-mentioned content is for information purpose only. Before you start using the natural remedies always seek advice from your physician or any other qualified health provider regarding your health condition to know whether you can use this remedy or not.

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